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Crypto Month in Review - May 2018

Previous reviews: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr Crypto moves way too fast for me to keep up, so I aggregate each day's biggest headline and publish the list at the end of the month. Below is my list for May. My main holdings are ETH and NANO, but I try to make these lists as unbiased as possible. Market cap movement throughout May - Peaked early on, and has been down most of the month. 5/1 - Car manufacturers BMW, GM, Ford, and Renault team up with Iota, Ethereum, and Hyperledger to research potential uses for blockchain in the automotive industry. 5/2 - The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance releases a standardized architecture set in the same vein as the ISO/OSI networking model to develop web apps on Ethereum. 5/3 - IOTA announces the development of Project Qubic, which will allow for smart contracts and oracles to be built on top of the IOTA tangle. 5/4 - Request Network announces a partnership with MakerDao that will allow stable payments on the network. 5/5 - EOS release its Dawn 4.0 version in anticipation of its main net release in June. The update focuses on cross-chain communication. 5/6 - After Warren Buffet compared cryptocurrency to “rat poison”, Elon Musk continues their feud by proposing a candy company called “Cryptocandy” that will go after the market of Buffet’s See’s Candies. 5/7 - Originally referenced by a Wall Street Journal article, an alleged public Securities & Exchange Commission meeting scheduled for May 7th to determine whether ETH and XRP should be considered securities turns out to be fabricated. 5/8 - The New York Times reports that the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company Intercontinental Exchange is planning to open a Bitcoin exchange. 5/9 - Bloomberg partners with billionaire crypto investor Mike Novogratz to create an index fund of the 10 most liquid cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum Classic, and ZCash. 5/10 - Financial institutions that participated in Ripple’s pilot test program report 40-70% cost savings and orders of magnitude time savings for cross-border payments. 5/11 - South Korean exchange Upbit is raided by authorities over questions of liquidity, causing a 15% drop in the market. 5/12 - The reserve bank of Zimbabwe bans the transacting in and trading of cryptocurrencies to “protect the public”. 5/13 - Electronics giant LG launches its own blockchain service, called “Monachain”, to handle logistics. 5/14 - Gemini adds Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and ZCash to its exchange. 5/15 - Consensys-backed startup Kaleido partners with Amazon’s AWS in a move to make it easier for customers to put their services on the blockchain. 5/16 - Streamr reveals partnerships with Hewlett-Packard and Nokia for its blockchain-based personal data marketplace. 5/17 - Tel Aviv, in partnership with Intel, Accenture, and The Floow, unveils a blockchain-based securities exchange for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 5/18 - A study by the Chinese Ministry of Industry concludes that there are 421 fake or fraudulent cryptocurrencies in existence. 5/19 - Marc O’Brien, the former CEO of Visa UK & Ireland, joins a crypto startup creating crypto payment cards for everyday shopping. 5/20 - Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck announces it will cease trading of 4 anonymity-focused coins in June - Monero, ZCash, Dash, and Augur - in the wake of a hack against them that stole over $500 million worth of crypto. 5/21 - Walmart files a patent for a blockchain-based system that would be used by customers to resell products they no longer need. 5/22 - A malicious miner takes control of two of Verge’s hashing algorithms to execute a 51% attack on the cryptocurrency for the second time in two months. 5/23 - IBM plans to hire 1500 new employees in France for its emerging tech initiatives, including distributed ledger processing. 5/24 - The U.S. Justice Department opens a criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin. 5/25 - TorrentFreak uncovers a signed letter of intent by Tron founder Justin Sun to acquire torrent software producer BitTorrent. 5/26 - Fiat to crypto trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin opens on top rated stock exchange service LMAX. 5/27 - South African investment firm Cygnia announces plans to open their own cryptocurrency exchange by the end of the year. 5/28 - Poloniex freezes many users’ accounts after rolling out new KYC regulations. 5/29 - Chinese infosec company 360 discovers a multitude of “epic” bugs in EOS’ code, including an exploit that allows attackers to execute malicious code hidden in a smart contract. Dan Larimer pledges not to release the EOS mainnet until all of the bugs are fixed. 5/30 - Chinese president Xi Jinping calls blockchain a “breakthrough technology” despite the country’s current ban on cryptocurrencies. 5/31 - Bittrex secures a banking partnership that will allow them to offer USD trading pairs on their exchange.
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